Territory Wildlife Park Website(s)

Not just one, but two!



Anyone who knows me knows that I love two things; designing and animals. Usually those two things don't cross paths very often but I was absolutely honoured to be asked to take part in the creation of the new Territory Wildlife Park website, as well as the Alice Springs Desert Park website by our good friends at Brainium Labs


Concept creation and template design

The Department of Tourism and Culture had two existing websites for their two Wildlife Parks and needed to make them more usable, more customer focussed and more representative of the individual businesses. It was decided that in order to make sure it was clear that they were connected the designs should reflect each other whilst using unique colours and imagery. 

The client already knew most of what they wanted to go into the websites' content structures and how they wanted the background content to work, all that they needed help with was; what to promote to the homepage, how to attract customers to the park via the website designs and how to make them look and feel more like a family friendly wildlife park.  

After extensive research and planning Sitesmiths and Brainium Labs concluded that people were visiting the website for three main things;

1) How to get to the park

2) What times were the talks on throughout the day

3) What are the animals, attractions and exhibits at each location



The websites break down into three separate sections that lead the customers through three paths at the top of the page so that the tool based functionality always sits at the top of the website. When people are moving through the park they'll be able to check the keeper talk times and see the park map directly from their phones saving on printed maps!


Website Design

The design that we came up with could be translated into vibrant greens to represent the monsoons forests of Darwin, and deep dusty earthy tones to show the red centre. The fonts were all chosen to be sketchy and add some fun to the family friendly attractions especially once sitting alongside the carefully crafted rough website edges. 

The rest of the website calls on the use of their amazing imagery and photography. 

Sitesmiths created designs for various inner pages throughout the websites that can be duplicated and used to grow each website as more animals and exhibits are created.