Upgrading your online presence




After managing your website for a few years you've found that it's not competing as well as it could be in today's market. There could be a bunch of simple solutions that you already know about such as making it mobile responsive or fixing some elements that are broken. The other scenario is that you have a perfectly good website on the surface, but for some reason it's just not getting the conversions you were expecting. 


Sitesmiths always start with trying to figure out what your customers are looking for and then comparing those expectations with what you're currently offering. 

Most of the time the issues with websites is that they're made from the perspective of what's important to your business, and not what's important to your users. But don't worry it's easy to fix!

Depending on your situation Sitesmiths offer a range of solutions. 

  • Provide an in-depth review your customers' likely behaviours based on what we already know about the Darwin market
  • Discuss your new digital strategy going forward and examine how you want to grow as a business
  • Consider the persona of your brand and work out a content strategy to ensure that your website speaks to your customers the way that you do in person 
  • Map out the ideal user journeys through the website, highlighting key areas where content should be divided to make it easier to digest, providing bite sized snippets that get more in-depth the more interest a user shows in a subject
  • Providing content sitemaps where we determine new ways that content could be categorised and labelled to ensure that it's written for audience
  • Work with you to plan the best way to educate website users about what it is you do and convert people into customers
  • Apply high level user experience design principles to all aspects of the website, e.g making forms simple to fill in, informing language use throughout, giving clear instructions for how to contact you and making your website easy to be found online. 

Then, when it comes to making the actual website we are fully flexible in the way that you want it to be built. Sitesmiths work with a collection of developers and agencies with specialisms in a wide variety of websites and content management systems. 


  • Project management
  • Strategy documentation with user profiles and competitor analysis
  • Information architecture and sitemap
  • Wireframes and user journey maps
  • Full website design including multiple page type layouts
  • Bespoke website development
  • Responsive designs for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Brand and logo manipulation for online use
  • Functional specification documents
  • 1 year website hosting
  • Stock imagery included

Hmm, that looks a bit too advanced for me!

If you think that you're needing something much more simple, we have a range of kickstarter packages that are designed to help smaller businesses or new start ups get the perfect boost into the digital world.