Pick and choose from the services you need 


1. Planning and digital strategies



Getting your team together to ask the right questions. Conducted in your place of business to discuss the full scope of your website or intranet and its intended users


Analysing and documenting the needs, wants and goals of each of your customer types to work out the best way to advertise to each group individually and then seeing how to make those options work together



Documenting the goals and project vision from a user focussed approach. Determine the hows and whys to each decision


Plan and show the entire structure of your website in an easy to follow diagram to allow for testing and easy content management


Plan the flow of content on each page based on its order of importance or hierarchy. Use these to test your website before it's designed


2. Design options


Website DesigN

From small portfolio websites to websites for large corporations. Designed in Photoshop, Sketch or directly into the online tool of your choice

Intranet Design

Internal online sites for your own team to use. Use intranets to share documents and information between teams. Designed in Photoshop or Sketch 

User Interface Design

Software interface design for application based products and mobile/tablet application designs provided in Photoshop or Sketch



3. Content input and strategy



Working within any chosen content management system to place your website content including image cropping and text edtting whilst ensuring all links/tables and downloads are thoroughly tested. 


Considering each page as an individual strategy to make sure that your content is divided, highlighted and laid out in a way that makes it the most digestible and accessible to your users. 


4. Reviews, testing and audits



An independent review of your website's current ability to appeal to its intended user groups. Provides pass and fail marks plus suggestions for design, development and content improvements. 


Providing the tools and online testing environment to allow selected users to use the website and confirm that the design works or make suggestions for improvement 


Creating online interactive mockups of your website before build to allow thorough testing and commenting between multiple parties  

From start to finish

Every business is different, and so every new project should be approached with no preconceptions. Whether you're starting an entire company from scratch, or building on existing marketing material it can be hard to know exactly what deliverables to ask for. Sitesmiths don't expect you to know what you need, that's what creatives are here for! Each project begins with a catch up for a background chat and an informal discussion to help give you some ideas and clarity about your options. Below is a few examples of the work that you could expect from Sitesmiths. If you have any questions please


1. We Plan the structure

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the process of consolidating and simplifying all of the content on your new website/software. It's about workshopping through content ideas and creating clear and concise pathways to your information so that it makes sense to people who haven't seen it before. Setting a clear and simple pathway of information for your customers means that there are less opportunities for them to miss the important information.


EXAMPLE Deliverables

  • Workshops & meetings brought to your place of business 
  • Website content sitemap
  • Hierarchy maps
  • Content strategies

2. We plan HOW IT WORKS

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is entwined with the Information Architecture of a site. You consider all of your target audiences and find out what drives them, and what makes them happy. Once you know what they're looking for we can lead them on user journeys that take them through your content in a logical order, whilst at the same time making them feel that they're completing their own goals. It's about working out where to place elements so that people can find them, knowing where people will look, how they will use them, and overall how to make the online experience interesting and engaging. 



  • Workshops & meetings brought to your place of business
  • User personas and stories
  • Competitor audits
  • Wireframe of basic website elements
  • Existing metrics/analytics analysis

3. We make it look good

Website and User Interface Design

User Interface Design is when a designer takes everything that they've learnt through the IA & UX processes above and crafts a visual design that will make sure that your customers want to interact with your website or software. It's about using visual techniques to lead customers through your website in the way that you need them to to complete the goals and tasks that you set out above. 


EXAMPLE Deliverables

  • Beautifully created website, intranet and software designs
  • Design revisions, iterations and change requests
  • Final full resolution designs
  • Digital style guides


Web Development

By teaming up with local developers, websites are hand coded to perfection. No templates are used so your website will belong to you, and only you. The developers build the website to match the designs pixel by pixel, so whatever you sign off during the design process is what you'll see at project completion. 



  • Hand holding through the domain and hosting setup process
  • Hand coded website build
  • Staged temporary site for checking
  • Final upload of website for public to see

5. We tell people about it

Online Promotions

After a website has been lovingly crafted and perfected, it goes online and then your new online business has begun. Like all businesses it's then time to start promoting your website across as many relevant sectors as possible. Sitesmiths prefer to stick with clients throughout their online business presence. 

  • Social Media Design & Strategy
  • Email Marketing