NT Major Events

4 major websites in one strategic push 


NT Major Events are responsible for the marketing of four major events in the Northern Territory including Parrtjima – A Festival in Light, Bass In The Grass, Red CentreNATS and Darwin Supercars. Before building the four websites for this years’ individual events, it was decided that there would be a larger push towards User Experience in order to create the best possible booking experience for each event.


Workshops and user groups

During the workshops we thoroughly mapped out each of the user groups for the distinctly different events. We looked for common tasks and shared needs so that we could create reusable items throughout the websites, and then more importantly we found areas where the user groups were so different that they would need a distinctly different approach.

We considered each user groups’ personality types, rationales, decision making techniques and also which order items would need to be introduced to provide the best buy-in.


The results were provided in a format that allows us to thoroughly compare and analyse the results. This form of documentation provides a guide against which you can grade your own website’s effectiveness after the design and development is completed. Does it do what we said it needed to do, or did we get distracted along the way? Did we slip from the initial goals and needs of the users?

Over 80% off our target markets are using mobiles to access the event websites

Mobile-first workable prototypes

Analytics data revealed that mobiles were by far the most common way of accessing the current websites, and so there needed to be a strategic push towards mobile devices. Wireframes were created to guide the design process and workable prototypes were created so that we could accurately test the strategic concepts. Each of the four websites was tested for its matching core components as well as their individual needs.


The user journeys guide the layout, ordering and structure

Without knowing it themselves, the users of the website have a specific expectation when visiting an events website. To keep them happy and encourage them to buy tickets we need to give them exactly what they want, in the order that keeps them happiest. As an example, people who go every year just need the fastest link to get straight into tickets and may not even care about which bands are playing until afterwards, whereas someone coming from interstate for the first-time will need to know where it is in relation to the airport, where the venue is, are the bands good enough etc. By studying the order of these education points we can lead them through in the most logical order and provide the correct call to action at the bottom of each screen.


Then the concepts were sent off to be designed

At each step we went back to our initial research and compared the results to ensure that we had not slipped from focussing on the user. Once complete the designs were given to the design team at Mojo Collective to add the creative graphics and web development, bringing the strategy to life!