(Cultural warning: Please note that images of deceased Indigenous people are contained within this page)

Northern Territory Library

NT government



It was a fantastic opportunity to be asked to take part in this project for the the Northern Territory Library (NTL). After recently receiving a gorgeous update to their branding they were looking to grow their audience online by providing an online experience aimed at people interested in Northern Territory history and culture. 


Digital Strategy and UX Reporting

The client had really done their homework when it came to the importance of customer-centric user experience design and so wasted no time requesting a full User Experience Strategy Guide. Creating these guides gives us the opportunity to drill down into the wants and needs of their individual users, whilst also comparing that with the needs of the business. We discuss the personas of the users that we will be aiming the website at, as well as the persona of the business itself to determine how to address their audience. 

From these findings we create a set of thorough wireframes, content sitemaps and hierarchy journey maps to ensure that we have something to test against throughout the course of the project. As we create the concept designs we're able to use the strategy document to look back and test against to make sure that any changes are in keeping with the site's aims and objectives. 


Website Design

When it came to the website there was already a strong new offline brand and so it was up to Sitesmiths to carry this through to the digital space. The website itself needed to take a back seat to the stunning imagery collected by the library and so it needed to be clean and simple whilst also being the authoritative voice for historic information within the Northern Territory. 

One of the main objectives for the new library website was to highlight the huge collection of visual content that they have across multiple search databases. The new web interface needed to present this visually engaging content in a way that allowed people to dig deeper and deeper the more interested they got, before providing links to the content heavy database search sites.

A section named 'Explore the NT' was created for the user in response to this very clear request, and features interactive galleries, downloadable content and carefully considered navigation tools to make everything was engaging, but with a purpose.


Staged Approach

During the designs it's important to consider how the website may grow and evolve over the coming years so that the client can include as many of the future updates within this build so that as the internal processes are completed, the website is ready to grow with the business. In the case of NTL the website features many areas for social media strategy that will be rolled out over the coming months, and the ability to add unlimited collated online collections. 

The website was then handed over to our good friends at Brainium Labs who were then responsible for developing the website and making sure that it looked just as good on mobile.