Launchpad websites to help you compete online

STARTING FROM $1499 - $3999

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The first job that a website needs to do is make back any money that has been spent on it, and sometimes for startups and small businesses that's difficult. You're new to the web, customers don't know that you exist yet and you don't have a huge marketing budget to help boost that exposure.

The other problem that we often hear is that small businesses need the growth to be sustainable as they wouldn't be able to cope with a big surge of business in one go. 


Sitesmiths wanted to work with startups as they're always the most energetic and passionate people in business and so we created the perfect solution. As with every project we use our expertise to:

  • Review your customers likely behaviours based on what we already know about the Darwin market.
  • Discuss your new digital strategy going forward and examine how you want to grow as a business. 
  • Map out your content in a way that works for you now, and in the future
  • Work with you to plan the best way to educate website users about what it is you do and convert people into customers.
  • Apply high level user experience design principles to all aspects of the website, e.g making forms simple to fill in, informing language use throughout, giving clear instructions for how to contact you and making your website easy to be found online. 

Then, when it comes to making the actual website we design directly into free website creation softwares such as Wix and Squarespace. By using these website design engines instead of Photoshop or Sketch, we're able to avoid having to pay for a developer to build your website after it's designed. This instantly halves the costs for new websites. 

We do the groundwork so that you aren't leaving your new digital strategy to guesswork. 

These softwares are readily available and utilised by many small businesses who choose to make their own website which also means that after we've created your new website and hand over the login details, you can continue to grow the website overtime yourself, directly from you computer without any web development knowledge. This is a huge advantage for small business!


  • Single landing page or full website
  • From 1-15 content pages 
  • Optional functionality such as galleries, forms and blogs
  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • 1 year website hosting and domain name purchase
  • Stock imagery included

FINANCE available

To make it even easier to get started, we're offering small businesses the option to pay over 4 payments over 2 months. We'll split the bill into 4 small payments and ask for payment every two weeks so that you don't get hit with one huge upfront bill! Simple!