Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the process of consolidating and simplifying all of the content on your new website/software. It's about workshopping through content ideas and creating clear and concise pathways to your information so that it makes sense to people who haven't seen it before. Setting a clear and simple pathway of information for your customers means that there are less opportunities for them to miss the important information.


EXAMPLE Deliverables

  • Workshops & meetings brought to your place of business 
  • Website content sitemap
  • Hierarchy map
  • Storyboards
  • Content writing

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is entwined with the Information Architecture of a site. You consider all of your target audiences and find out what drives them, and what makes them happy. Once you know what they're looking for we can lead them on user journeys that take them through your content in a logical order, whilst at the same time making them feel that they're completing their own goals. It's about working out where to place elements so that people can find them, knowing where people will look, how they will use them, and overall how to make the online experience interesting and engaging. 



  • Workshops & meetings brought to your place of business
  • Competitor audits
  • Wireframe of basic website elements
  • Basic concept designs
  • User personas and stories
  • Existing metrics/analytics analysis

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
— Steve Jobs