For number boosts on big projects




From time to time there is a job that needs more hands on deck; maybe a tender that needs a web design component or a set of tight deadlines means that you need more designers on call. 


Laura from Sitesmiths has teamed up with various agencies throughout Darwin and Australia to help with these situations. 

The approach can be flexible and work can be done in your office or remotely depending on your individual needs. Quoting can be done monthly or at a fixed price, again this depends on your requirements.  

All work is subject to timelines and availability. 

Services include:

  • User Experience Audits - There are various approaches that can be taken to audit a website or intranet. All of the approaches mark the digital design in question against specific criteria determined in the early stages of the project to ensure that the design is performing, or will perform well. The results are documented and any recommendations are provided for approval
  • User Experience Strategy Guides - Again this is a customisable process based on the individual project size. The guide includes a complete breakdown of the target audiences with the specific aims and objectives of the project mapped out against the ideal user journeys that should be considered
  • Information Architecture - Wireframes and sitemaps are produced to help communicate content structures for marketing managers and developers. The wireframes and sitemaps are used to cross reference the user journeys and ensure that all of the customer requests are being met with the least amount of ambiguity or confusion
  • User Interface Design - Crafting a visual design that ticks all of the boxes that have been considered in the strategy stages. The design is applied using Photoshop or Sketch and can be packaged to be provided to your in-house or external developers of your choice
  • Digital style guides - When a brand has been developed for print only, it can sometimes be a struggle to use it online. A brand refresh can be created to provide conscientious variations of logos that will work well online, complete with written guidelines on their use.